The first Tattersalls Hotel, a low wooden structure with a shingle roof, was built at the corner of Barker and Hickey Streets.  The block of land was gazetted to Elizabeth  "Betty" Brown on 27 June 1859.  In 1865 John Brown, a mail contractor, who carried mail on horseback between Casino and Ipswich advertised that he was opening the Tattersalls Hotel on that block of land.

In 1872 John Brown opened a more commodious hotel on the site where the present hotel sits in Barker Street.  A boarding house condusted by John Brown's wife, Elizabeth 'Betty' on the original site was the former hotel building and that area of town became known as 'Aunty Betty's Corner.'

Sometime before 1887, improvements were made to the hotel and in 1905 the Tattersalls Hotel was again updated to a modern two-storey building.  It was built from wood and brick, the main front portion was wood and the back portion, kitchen and some bedrooms brick, totalling fifty rooms. (from the local paper)  

Historical Cards of the Hotel can be found by here.

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