Our Bistro is open till late, come and try out our specials on the board and the Tatts specials.

We have plenty of room through out the pub to cater for large groups in the beer garden or inside.

Why not come and try the best pub meals in Casino at the Tatts.

The Tatts Hotel and Bistro with friendly, old fashioned service since 1859.


Old Fashioned ServiceSince 1859



Tatt's Schnitzel (beef or chicken topped with avocado, salsa, cheese, bacon & sour cream)
Schnitzel (beef or chicken)
Parmigiana (beef or chicken)
Grogfathers BIG Rump 500g
Rib Fillet 300g
The BIG T Bone 500g

Grogfather's Oven Baked Lamb Chop 
Stuffed chicken breast (bacon, cheese, with honey mustard sauce)
Lamb Cutlets
Sausages with onion gravy
Small Rump 250g

Surf and turf with garlic cream prawn topping
Grilled Fish of the Day
Fisherman's Basket
Beer Battered Fish
Crumbed Calamari
Garlic Prawns

Gravy/Mushroom/Pepper/diane/Onion/Cream Garlic Sauce
Creamy Garlic Prawn Sauce

From $13 to $30

Old Fashioned ServiceSince 1859
Inside or Outside


Oysters:natural, kilpatrick and mornay,
salt and pepper squid,
salt and pepper prawns,
spring rolls
chicken satay sticks
crumbed calamari,
garlic king prawns with rice,
king prawn cutlets,
wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce.
From $8 to $9


Garlic bread, herb and cheese, bacon garlic and cheese
From $5


Grogfather's Salad (chicken, pork or beef)
Grogfather's Salad (prawns)
Tatt's Caesar Salad (chicken, pork or beef)
Tatt's Caesar Salad (prawns)
Garden Salad
From $9 to $20

Old Fashioned ServiceSince 1859
Eat in the Beer Garden

Childrens Menu: 

Fish and chips
Nuggets and Chips
Crumbed Calaari and Chips
Steak and Chips
Ham and Pineapple Pizza
From $4 to $10


Ask for the selection of home made desserts (with Ice-Cream)
From $6

Old Fashioned ServiceSince 1859
Bistro Inside